Frontline Holdings is a vertically-integrated real estate operating company that provides investment, property, and construction management services.

Frontline has consistently created value through acquiring, managing, and adding value to multifamily properties. Frontline’s mission is to generate strong risk-adjusted returns for it’s investors and quality living environments for its tenants. Frontline’s investment strategy is to acquire value-add multifamily apartment buildings in rapidly growing markets.

Core Values

Frontline strives to run its business with integrity and a commitment to excellence. As a firm, Frontline aspires to partner with only the best and brightest people in the industry who share these core values, believing that a great team with a common mission will consistently deliver superior results over the long run. Frontline has developed a reputation in the industry for delivering on its commitments and treating people with respect.


Frontline’s investment focus, local market knowledge, and track record position the firm to find and execute attractive investment opportunities. As a starting point, Frontline embraces a clear and focused investment strategy that helps eliminate distractions and enables the firm to execute efficiently when the right opportunities surface. In addition, Frontline has assembled an outstanding team of individuals and business partners that enable Frontline to execute against the vision for each of its acquisitions.


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Investment Strategies

Frontline’s investment strategy is based on three core pillars: Capital Preservation, Income Generation, and Value Appreciation. First and foremost, Frontline seeks to preserve its investors’ capital by acquiring quality assets in strong locations at reasonable prices. In addition, Frontline aims to produce a combination of reliable income and capital appreciation through its value-add strategies and asset management. For each acquisition, Frontline capitalizes the deal through the optimal combination of debt and equity to maximize returns while managing both execution and market risks.

  • Preservation of Capital

    Acquire quality properties in strong, primary in-fill market locations with unique job growth characteristics. Seek locations with increasing land values.

  • Income Generation

    Income producing assets that have the potential to generate consistent cash-on-cash returns.

  • Value Appreciation

    Undervalued properties that have potential for significant repositioning through capital investment and improved management.


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